The Kiddies // Thirty-Three

The Summer Holidays are passing by so quickly, we have been having so many little adventures and it has been a great deal of fun. This week we headed to Milton Keynes for an overnight stay (or Holiday to Addison) to meet up with many bloggers who take part as I do in Living Arrows.


Grayson – You have been amazing this past week Superhero, just embracing as much as you are able every little adventure we have had. This week you have enjoyed swimming, had a trip to hospital in London (feeding tube is coming) and even did well on our trip to Milton Keynes. You had a lovely morning out with Popsy and he said you loved the park.

Addison in Milton Keynes

Addison – You are enjoying the holidays the most, although being so busy and the fact you no longer nap means you can be a little grouchy come the afternoon.

Milton Keynes was brilliant for you, you loved having the opportunity to play with so many little friends, collecting sticks together, sharing Apple and getting covered in mud.

You then loved exploring the city, amazed by the indoor beach and being over the moon at me surprising you with a Hula Hoop.

Deacon at Rushmere
Picture taken by Lucy Bishop

Deacon – Oh how you love to have your picture taken, at our Blogger Meetup you constantly kept getting in front of people’s phones/cameras and shouting Cheeeessssee.

I am sure you know how cute you are, always grinning like a Cheshire cat whether being naughty or happy. Your little conversations are so frequent now, always chatting away, over 80% making total sense. It’s your little singing voice though that is totally adorable.


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