The Kiddies // Thirty

I can not believe it is the last week of July, I know I have pretty much said that the whole of this year but honestly 2015 is flying past.

It really doesn’t feel like July though, as I type it is heavily raining and is quite cold indeed, if it wasn’t for the cost my heating would be back on.

special needs

Grayson – I could talk about this little boy for hours and hours at the moment, I love him dearly and although I am so proud of him more than words can explain, I am not looking overly forward to the next 6 weeks. Grayson does not know how to play with toys and his activity of choice is bouncing on the sofa whilst watching Mickey Mouse, after 4 years of this continuously for 12 hours a day I am starting to go a little insane, that is why it is so important to get you out as much as possible this year my superhero, even if it means a cut  in salary we are going to try.

I was so thankful for all the support and messages over the past month and they still keep coming, like this superhero book from my BritMumsLive sponsor In The Buff Make Up, I have only known Becky a very short time so for her to do this is AMAZING!

Herne Bay pier

Addison – Sometimes being a Mummy to a little girl is the most amazing thing in the world, she seems to understand that as her Mummy I shall always be her best friend, she knows how to make me smile, how to be the right amount of girly. But at other times it is hard and with her moods already so young I fear for the teenage years.

But I know we will get through, I just feel so strongly about helping her to be the most perfect version of her maybe I expect to much.

But watching her this week as I said there is nothing  better than dancing in the wind out on a pier Addy she took one look at me and embraced it, her little heart loving life, no inhibitions, just free, she makes me feel free and I love her for that!

Deacon the naughty

Deacon – This picture sums up Deacon perfectly this past week. So cheeky, always pushing boundaries but in the cutest way, loving being the centre of attention and always wanting an adult right by his side.

His newest game is to run upstairs to our bedroom get in our bed, giggle and then pretend to snore, wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t trash the whole room usually in the process. The words he is quiet, oh god what is he doing have never fit a child so perfectly.

His words daily are coming, he asks what things are and when you answer he tries with all his might to copy. He loves to cheer and be cheered along. He feels less like my baby each day and more like a cheeky child.

*I am eternally grateful for all 3 of my children, I don’t tend to lie on my blog, I don’t come here and share all the negativity of my kids, cause like most they push me hard, but I am also not going to pretend our everyday is a bed of roses, the younger 2 especially are at ages where they are learning how to test Mummy/Daddy and sometimes the every day of Grayson is hard for me to take, especially when I have only had hours sleep each night at best.

But I love them all the same, life is far to short and I know that more than most, I want to make as much of their lives important, memorable and not so everyday as honestly Grayson I don’t suppose will be with us forever, his health is deteriorating the older he becomes and I hope one day in many, many years Addison and Deacon can come back and read my posts. To remember times, to share them with people who are important to them and to know that being a parent is bloody hard as well as AMAZING!

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