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Lego Bike, coolest thing ever yesterday
Lego Bike, coolest thing ever yesterday

I am not just 4 anymore Mummy, surely I am getting close to 5

…and she is, well she has just over 4 months, but my god that is going quick, once they start school time literally flies, I think because you are always working in half terms, counting towards another holiday. Before I know it she will be 5, so today I want to remember the 10 things that make Addison at 4 and a ½.

  1. She is always singing, I am not kidding, most of the time it is cute, but my god it can drive you crazy.
  2. She loves her Veggies, the girl still barely eats anything, no meat what so ever, but put in front of her a huge plate of Baby corn, peas, carrots, broccoli and it all goes.
  3. She is a Mama’s girl – don’t get me wrong she loves her Daddo but she would be on my lap or playing with me every second of the day and tbh so would I her.
  4. She is animal crazed, this isn’t new, it has been this way since she was 1 but even more so, every toy is animal based
  5. She loves Lego and now she builds sets all on her own.
  6. Oh My Gosh is one of her favourite phrases
  7. She wants her hair to never be cut, she wants to be able to sit on it
  8. She loves everyone, no word of a lie, she loves quick and hard
  9. Since starting school she has moods like a teenager – wow I am dreading 10 years time
  10. She is always moving, she never rests often, even when watching TV she will be practicing gym or sitting upside down – I wish I had her energy
I wish my hair looked this good out of bed
I wish my hair looked this good out of bed
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