The Kiddies // Twelve

What a week! If you don’t follow me on social media you shall have missed that whilst Ashley and I neared Evelina Hospital with Grayson for an appointment (2 hours from home) the phone rung to inform us Addison had fallen at school and needed to be taken to hospital.

Being a parent really does suck at times and this was one of them, I felt so useless, awful and angry being so far from my little girl, who is terrified of Doctors.

Thankfully her Grandparents were on hand and spent the 5 hours in hospital with her, which after a second trip with us on Friday transpired to be a Fractured Elbow.


But this girl has been awesome, not complained once, dealt with the pain and just keeps smiling, other than me having to be her slave, as you can not play Lego one-handed (;-)) she is on normal form.

Lets just hope when we go back to the specialist on Thursday they have a good solution and not surgery – eek!!

Hope your weeks have all be less eventful than ours.



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