The Kiddies // Twenty-Five

I can not believe next week will mark over lawful through 2015, it is going so so fast, we only now have another year in our house, crazy to think as quickly as I get it looking perfect we shall be moving again.

This week was a special one, it saw me leave the kids for a day and a half with Daddo and then Deacon turning 2!


Grayson – It has been a hard week for you my Superhero, you have had a couple nasty falls at school which has left Mummy feeling helpless, you are so unsteady at the moment and I really hope this is due to lack of sleep and not something more sinister going on, I think I shall have to speak to your Neuro team.

For the 1st time in months you have also been struggling sensory wise, which is sad to see, you had been doing so well, so lets hope this is just another little blip, but whilst all this happens everyone around you grows to love you even more, I am not sure how but my love for you grows more each day and as you can see from the picture above so does your baby brothers.

Sulking Addison

Addison – Oh my sweet Addison you have been far from it this past week, you are going through such a change and anyone that says it is terrible twos is quite wrong.

I pray I am doing the right things, I pray there is not something troubling you deeply. I know we shall come out the other side as you only have good in your heart.

Deacon in tunnel

Deacon – You are no longer a baby, well that is not entirely true as you will always be mine. You are growing so quickly these past weeks, new words coming every day. You amazed all by easily blowing out your birthday candles with no direction and help.

You are such a cheeky little chappy, I am sure you are going to be spending so much time pushing Mama to her limits, but it’s ok as you are super super cute.


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