The Kiddies // Twenty-One

A day late but finally here, I had a good excuse as we have been out having family time as it is the start of Half Term.

grayson the smiler

Grayson – As I turned in the car Wednesday after picking you up from school I was met with this smiling face, you sat like that as I rushed to get my phone and even let me take a picture, I like to think it was due to you being happy to see me. It made my day that is for sure. You managed a whole week at school even though something has been bothering you and even did swimming. At the weekend you enjoyed a little bouncing time at your siblings party and made me proud as always.

addison in the bluebells

Addison – My little girl, I still can not believe you have turned 4 this week, you seem so much more grown this week in your being and speech to, reminding Mummy and Daddo that you “sure do want to be a big girl”. You have loved every part of this week, having so many experiences and telling me frequently throughout the day “I love you Mama” as do I you.

deacon at party

Deacon – You were such a big boy at your party embracing the bouncy castle and slide no matter how many big kids there was. You seem so small. You are trying so hard with new words this week, you say Salt and Pepper in the cutest little voice, but Rara and Mama are still your favourite words for sure, as well as Cookie, which is funny as you don’t even like them.


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