The Kiddies // Twenty-Three

We had a busy week this week, hospital trips to London, school routine, followed by 2 days were cousin Ivy was with us.

But as promised to myself we have been making memories and leaving the house at every opportunity.

All this weeks pictures ended up being from yesterday on a family day to the Grandparents, which included a trip to the local park.

Grayson at the park

Grayson – Superhero, for you it has been a pretty much average week, other than very little to no sleep now, but actually it was a terrifying life changing week of decisions for you. Mummy is not happy but making peace, we will do our best to make the right choices, I promise.

I love this photo of you on the climbing frame at the park today, you are trying so hard to climb mountains and not look at Mummy, hence the cheeky little smile, I am sure you know sometimes exactly what you are doing – it is cute and cheeky.

Addison on big girl swing

Addison – You have changed so much this week, I hope this little girl with her very tearful temperament soon leaves, she has been a great deal of work.

You have loved our many little adventures this week and excited for more to come.

Today you learnt to swing the big girl swings with Daddo, I was surprised at you not having any doubt, very unlike you, I hope you learn quickly.

Deacon in Heart Glasses

Deacon – All that being a good boy through the middle of the week came back to bite us in the arse the end of the week, but it’s ok cause you are testing your boundaries, it’s hard but ok.

I can not believe you will be 2 in a couple of weeks, eek, you have your first crush now to, your cousin Milla, she can do no wrong, hence you wearing her Sunnies whilst sneaking crisps, you want to be just like Milla.

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