The Kiddies // Twenty-Two

Another week has passed and we are into a whole new month, another very busy one for us with many hospital appointments, memory making days and Deacon turning 2!

howletts zoo

Grayson – My superhero you have soared this past week, we managed to go out 4 times over the half term week and every time you smiled and took it in your stride, only once or twice struggling sensory wise or with seizures.

You loved exploring the fences at the zoo and even enjoyed outdoor picnics without the aid of your iPad. You have grown another 3cm this month and now tower at 111.5cm, I think you shall tower above me very soon.

I am scared for your future my baby but I will be by your side.


Addison – Oh how you loved this week, it was so awesome getting to spend time and out and about as a little family, it showed you to flourish, you love having new adventures big and small and we had many this past week.

You were at one with the gardens/woodlands at Chartwell when we went on Tuesday, making drums with stones/branches, smelling the flowers, watching streams and playing in the grass.

I am forever so excited to spend days with you and see the world through your eyes.


Deacon – My little baby, you are growing, please stop. You are more determined to walk (and not go in a pushchair) and explore this past week. You capably handled the bumpy woods, picking up branches as big as you. Although you did not like getting dirty hands.

You are more and more becoming Mummy’s little shadow, you do not like to leave my side, or my hip for that matter. Sometimes it is hard but by the most part I am not ready to let you go.

You have so many new words this week, you say them over and over, seeking out boxes, doors and bikes so you can say them and receiveĀ applause.

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