The Kiddies/Living Arrows //Four

I was really hoping this week to have some beautiful and fun-filled photos, it was our 1st week to start getting back into normal routine and we had promised Addison some time out and about on our day off, but then Tuesday night came round and so did poorly children, still now on Monday they are all still unwell in varying amounts.

living arrows

Grayson – Our car has been broken and off the road now for nearly 6 weeks, so we do not have a car that fits all 3 children in (yes crazy), so thankfully this week my Dad has been collecting Grayson from school for us. Honestly in some ways it is a blessing, my Dad works usually at least 16 hour days so this has been forcing him to take a break, he was not content with just bringing Grayson home he has also been running errands with him. Wednesday he decided once they had done the business banking that they needed a nice Costa treat, my Dad sent me this picture, if I didn’t know any better it would look like any 6-year-old sitting having naughty cake after school, he has got so grown in his face these past months.

living arrows

Addison – How she suffers with boredom, this little girl is said to be a mirror copy of me but when it comes to being at home she is just like her Daddo, she hates it, given half the chance she would be having an adventure everyday of the week, school can not come soon enough for her for this reason (not for me though). To make up for being stuck indoors we have baked cakes and cookies this week, painted pictures, crafted and anything else that will take up 10 minutes.

living arrows

Deacon – Oh Deacon, you are still very clingy this week, even with me returning to work most of the week, the week has not ended well as you have another chest infection and we are all suffering terribly for it, only cuddles at 1am will pacify, sleep is not in your dictionary.


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