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Hello March! Can you believe it ? 2015 is going past in a busy blur. Finally after so much sickness we are coming out the other side, Deacon still has a chest infection but that is the norm with his asthma.


Grayson – Oh my Superhero you have been awesome this week, even though you are seizing for hours every night you still get up each day and take the day by the horns, you spent 2 days in hospital in London this week and on your return you have been giving me more eye contact than I have had in years, seeing into your soul like you are talking to me. We went to 2 parks yesterday and you were amazing, standing at the top of the slide, determined not to be sat down, I am so so proud of you.


Addison – My sweet soul, you were so upset by Daddo and Grayson being in hospital for so long this week, Granny treated you to a magazine which came with this lovely little camera, you have been taking pictures to show Daddo on his return, we went off the Canterbury on the bus to break up Friday and your camera came with us. I think we know what to get you for your 4th Birthday come May.


Deacon – Holding the hand of your favourite person, your Granny. Making her Birthday perfect by being by her side. You have been so much more grown up this week, going on the slide on your own, walking holding hands, my Diddy little toddler.


As with every week I link up with #livingarrows over at Shutterflies, there are so many truly inspirational blogging ladies who take part, why don’t you!

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