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It’s Monday so it is time to reflect on the week my little people have had and to be inspired by all the wonderful people who join in with the lovely Hayley’s weekly linkup #LivingArrows.


Grayson – This superhero would not allow for any pictures on his own this week, but this is still an everyday reflection, actually if you had said to me a year ago he would be standing (kinda) to have a picture with his siblings I probably would not have believed you. It has been a hard week for him, suffering a great deal during the night, but for some unknown reason he is finally after 2 years letting me back in a little to be his Mummy and that is AWESOME.


Addison – My little animal lover, you were so excited when you saw these Dog statues at the garden centre, you begged me for one to take home and cuddle, you really did not get why this could not happen, but thankfully the Frozen puzzle diverted your attention. On the subject of puzzles you are so your Mummy’s daughter, happily doing them for hours way advanced of your 3 little years. You have been crazy for Madagascar 3 this week, watching it with Daddo countless times, it has made us even more sure to take you on a date to the cinema some time soon.


Deacon – You really are the king of selfies – another this week and what a cracker! This is your cheese face, whenever a camera or phone comes out you are on it. You are such a cheeky little devil and really are testing every last nerve that Daddo and I have, but also the cutest with cuddles. You are currently learning to climb and no where is safe, I found you on the kitchen side the other day – eek!

So what have your little kiddies been up to ? Leave me links to come and check out.

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