The Kiddies/Living Arrows // Thirteen

Unlucky for some it has not been a bad week of the year for us, we have not been to unwell, the weather was ok on some days and the kids have managed to do other things other than the norm boring stuff.


Grayson – You have been so cute this week, your contact has been even better and it really is the best feeling in the world. You also got sent some Neckerchews to show off to the world this week as you are going to be an ambassador for their new SN size, you put it to great testing immediately, taking your job very seriously.


Addison – This little girl although a total three-nager at the moment is just so awesome, she says the funniest grown up things (I must make a list or video them). She also makes me so so proud with her incredibly kind heart.

She was very lucky this weekend that her Uncle/Auntie took her out for the first time all on her own to the Jungle aka Zoo, Addison is animal crazy so you can imagine how excited, she sat by the door from 9.25am waiting for them to pick her up at 10.30am.


Deacon – Oh my little boy, his newest fascination is shoes, the kid takes after his Mama and loves them, but not any shoes, it is his sisters wellies or his total favourite are these pink Doc McStuffins slippers of his cousin Ivy’s.

He also loves the Hoover, cleaning and being a rascal, he is a funny monkey and I love all his eccentricities.

I do love taking part in the #LivingArrows project from Shutterflies each week, I know in a year I will look back at these photos and have forgotten so many cute little everyday moments, but not now.

Living Arrows

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