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Can you believe we are on week 3 of 2015 already, eek it is running away with us.

I only took 3 photos in total this week, can you believe it? If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t why not?) then you will have noticed, I have been so busy with clingy kids and trying to unpack.

So this week I was going to share a photo of all 3 kids together (which actually never happens) the only thing I could grab was my phone, which is such a shame as the photo is such bad quality it could not upload to my blog 🙁 – so I had to use the only other 2 pictures I have taken, they are not the best but we can only get better and it is all about the memories.


Grayson – Oh my Superhero, it has been a hard week with your naughty reflux and being sick, but you smile on as always, you have had such smiles this week for going to school, although I still am not too happy about your time at school you clearly seem happy enough to go and I take that as you are ok.

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Addison – You personality has been so different these past 2 weeks, I really hope it is all the changes of moving and being upside down, because otherwise the thought of the three-nager being permanent is a worry. But it has been lovely to watch how your play changes each week, there is nothing better than secretly listening to your childs play world.

Deacon – My little boy – I love you so but oh you are very draining on Mummy this past few weeks. I really hope you also start to settle and don’t struggle with me going back to work this week. Learn to enjoy the rest of the world a little more.

So as you can see nothing exciting has been happening for my little ones, but we have dressed up and found toys that Mummy had hidden to sell, why don’t you check out what all the other gorgeous kiddies have been up to over at Shutterflies.

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