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Half term is now over and done, as a family we had big plans for this week, after 3 days at work we were going to have 4 days to spend together, without still having a car (10 weeks and counting) we were going to cope and find fun things to do, then Wednesday came and so did a nasty stomach bug!

As I type this Deacon and I are still on the tail end, it has been ruddy awful, but we are getting there, but once again fun plans were foiled, thankfully Mr Innocent Charmer being the superstar he is he managed to walk the kids down to the park on one of my work days so at the whole week was not being locked inside.

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Grayson – Superhero I am so sorry we did not get to do more fun things on your week away from school, I know you don’t mind as you just love Mickey Mouse time, at least you did get some time with just Mummy and Daddo as I know that is quite important to you, you seem to really like your visit to Ikea for your 1st ever bedroom furniture. Every day you make me more proud, it has been a tough few weeks and with a hospital admission this week it will not be any better but we are always here with cuddles and my annoying phone taking pictures.

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Addison – My sweet angel – oh how testing you are becoming with every week, I have to keep watching year old videos to remind myself of your sweet nature. Thankfully before you became quite unwell this week Popsy and Granny took you to see Great Nana – this picture is my Addison, watching a child with a heart bigger than her makes me so proud, Nana loved being shown videos and photos on the phone and having kisses and cuddles – forever be this girl!


living arrows

Deacon – Oh boy! You are so funny and such hard work all at once, my clingy little monster you really do love to always be in Mummy’s arms no matter where I am. Your love of tech and taking photos astounds me for someone so young, I have no idea why as a bloggers child you are never far from a photo being taken, maybe you are following in my footsteps, your selfie taking is certainly improving, this is totally in focus and a showing off some very cute toes.

I am loving my weekly posts, it is a great way for me to look back, hopefully some time soon my photos wont be of such bad quality, but in some ways I don’t mind as how can I not love all these blurry shots, they show my children in a way I always want to remember them, now and forever, I am eternally grateful to Hayley for the inspiration by running Living Arrows.

Living Arrows

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