The Little Things

So yesterday afternoon we headed out to a village about 30 minutes away for a nice pub dinner with my family to celebrate my Sister’s Birthday.

It was a nice dry if not crisp Autumn day, I dressed the bubba’s in some of their fancier clothes, we sat in a very busy restaurant and enjoyed some tasty food (especially my Chocolate/Banana Pancake, Mmm) – the Mini’s behaved fairly well, I tell lies, Grayson behaved impeccably, resting in the Xplory (restaurant highchairs are no longer compatible) feet up on the table, enjoying snacks and chewing Sophie Le Giraffe, whilst Miss Lucy (yes her name is Addison but she lately sounds like Lucifer is coming from her hence “Lucy” for short) (ps she behaves like she should have 666 tattooed on her too) (pps don’t contact social services, we love her dearly, she is just a minx, plus I am already on the “LIST” standard procedure when you have a disabled child, whole other post don’t get me started) – I digress, Happy Times, where was I ???

Oh yes, so we enjoyed a nice meal, we rolled out of the restaurant onto the local village green about 4.30pm to let Addy have a run round and get rid of some pent-up energy, as we did this my superstar aka Grayson decided to make the most of wearing his Squeaky Shoes from Little Stomper and do some standing exercises, his little face was a picture, he smirked as every time he lifted his foot and placed it back it squeaked, I had never thought those months ago when I purchased his squeaky shoes he would even manage to squeak them let alone help as an incentive to get those feet on the floor.

Check the smile, magical right ?

We were just going to head back home when we spotted a nice little park, we headed over, Grayson squeezed into the junior swings and shouted away swinging in the breeze, a favourite pastime of his.

Addison ran off with Daddy and when I turned round she was climbing and running across a climbing frame aimed at children double her age. The child seriously has no fear! She persisted to then slide down the large slide all on her own, my heart in my throat, her Daddy egging her on and her giggling like she was being tickled at super speed.

She crazily reminds me so much of me as a child, I had no fear, I loved doing stunts, playing on toys older than my years and smiling as my Daddy egged me on, I am proud that my little girl is like this, that she experiences life to the full and with smiles like this you can see this is how life should be.

So this 20 minutes out on the crisp green, with a few members of my family is what reminds me that the grueling everyday’s, the many hospital visits, being locked away and constant battles is so worth it when you see these 2 little people smile for no reason but they are having fun.


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