The Nuna IVVI Pushchair Is About To Arrive At Kiddicare

I must confess I am a PUSHCHAIR ADDICT – sounds stupid right, but seriously I love them, I love seeing new fabrics, new designs, what little added extras they may have and most importantly how big is the basket. I even said to Mr Innocent Charmer we will have to have a 4th child as I am not ready to give up pushchairs in a few years – I think he thinks I am kidding!

I also love Kiddicare, they were introduced to me when I was pregnant with Addison, I bought a couple of pieces online, then when they opened their stores within my drive I was there like a shot and I now regularly visit.
So when an email hit my inbox last month asking me to come on board as a Kiddicare Blogger I was very excited and jumped at the chance. Over the next few months you will see me share my story on being a Mum and what life is like with a disabled child and now further children, I love to share Grayson’s story where ever I can so I am pleased for the opportunity.
One of the nice little benefits to being a Kiddicare Blogger is hearing about new products, I love buying things for my Bubba’s, but what is even better is when that new product launch is for a Pushchair. Then when Kiddicare asked if I would like to come along and hear about new said Pushchair in London for the afternoon I of course booked my train ticket and sweet talked Ash into letting me have another fun day out.
I walked into Maggie and Rose where the event was being held and instantly fell in love with the Nuna IVVI, its classic style immediately hits you.
Coming in 2 shades Caviar Black and Safari Beige really make it look like a high-end Pushchair/Pram. It is definitely a Pushchair that would suit the Innocent Charms Chats family, it is not a small seat unit or frame, so use in Central London would be no good, but in Kent where we live it is not only sleek and pretty for use in town but also has a solid built frame and nice strong tyres for doing a little walking in the countryside.
From Birth to approx 4 years old it has the option of a pram or carseat (with attachments) as well as the seat unit which lays completely flat, gorgeous sumptuous fabrics, that I can not even put into words how gorgeous they are cradle your little one and with a matching cozy toe they will be kept nice and warm in this great British weather.
Nuna put an amazing amount of time and thought into making sure it has every little quip and gadget that a busy Mum needs, with hideaway pockets for phone and keys, seat unit that can either collapse on the frame or off, to an oversized basket that has a divided space if you would like (oh how I love a big basket).
Nuna IVVI Pushchair
My Top 5 Reasons why I would like a Nuna IVVI
  1. Moveable strap heights in seconds, it comes with a clip that slides up and down, so I can go from Deacon to Addison and to Grayson in seconds.
  2. HUGE shopping basket – much-needed when you are shopping with or for 3 little ones.
  3. Long sitting – this is hugely important for little bodies and legs as offers great support in those early months, I found this out when having a little disabled son in Grayson, it is crucial for little bodies to not have to hang their leg weight. (I wish this pushchair had existed 4 yrs ago).
  4. Great handle height for the Hubby and I, as there is a foot in height between us.
  5. Forward and Parent facing – I am crazy about having little ones face me, it is proven for the 1st year to help massively with development of speech.

Nuna IVVI Pushchair
Kiddicare very luckily have exclusive selling rights to the Nuna IVVI Pushchair, it will be available to buy online and instore as of mid December, so head over to Kiddicare and make sure you are on their mailing list to find out the day it arrives.
All in all I love the Nuna IVVI, not just cause I am a Pushchair addict but because it is a great Pushchair, obviously I haven’t road tested it, but my 2 hrs spent playing with it brought me to this conclusion. Now to convince the Mr we really do NEED another pushchair.

Disclosure – I was reimburrsed travel for the day.

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