The Ordinary Moments { 16th Feb 2014}

ordinary moments

Brother and Sister together as friends, ready to face whatever life sends

This quote since Addison was born has always stuck in my mind, I think it shall always be their quote. Life shall never be the norm for my little ones, it shall be their norm but not like all the other boys and girls at school.

But one thing I can say of my babies is they will be the kindest and most excepting children you could ever ask for, they will I am sure experience much discrimination and pain in their lives, that comes from having an amazing brother like Grayson, but I know I shall give them the tools to rise above, more importantly than that though, I know they will give each other the love, support and friendship that will make them tolerate and even smile.

My 3 babies have so much love already, they may certainly not always be understanding of one another, but as they all grow they are slowly forming relationships in their own ways and I am proud that they are my babies and I can not wait to see what the next few years hold.


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