The Ordinary Moments #3


I love this linky of Katie’s, it makes me flick through the obscene amount of pictures I take each week, but that’s just an awesome benefit of the world of digital.

I am so glad my kids were born in the digital age for this reason and most of all my Superstar Grayson.

It is hard to ever get a great photo of Grayson, don’t get me wrong, every picture he takes is beautiful, Grayson is by far one of the most handsome boys to grace this planet on the inside and out, but I always get upset that I can’t get “that picture” the one where he actually looks at the camera and smiles, in his world that is not allowed.


This picture may not be “that picture” but I actually like it even better, look at the happiness, the normality, the fun. To the outside world looking in this could look like any child just having an Ordinary Moment playing at the park, this moment is far from Ordinary for us, this is extra-ordinary, I love being able to see my little boy feel fun and pleasure just like everyone else and this picture shows that.

Thank you Katie for making me see extra-ordinary Ordinary Moments.

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