The Ordinary Moments – Deacon Grows Up


Have you ever been to a blog that inspires you, not to be a better blogger (although it does do that) but to also have a better life, a better everyday, or a better Ordinary Moment, Katie does that for me every time I visit her blog, look at her Instagram or talk to her on twitter.

But what her linky The Ordinary Moment does each week, is reminds me that some of the every day moments with the kiddies are actually the best, better than the flashy trips to the Zoo or a holiday that we can’t afford.

Deacon’s 1st time in the ball pit in the playroom this week is just one of those moments, seeing his little eyes dart everywhere at all these bright colours, seeing how he struggled to understand what the feeling was on his toshie as it didn’t feel the same as his bouncy chair or Mummies lap. He smiled, he explored, he cried a little and then he touched and cooed.

ordinary mome

This is what it is all about! This is how life should be remembered.

deacons ordinary moment

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