The Perfect Home – What is on your list ?

Do you know the worst thing about renting, especially a house you had to rent quickly, lack of choice. I can live with the white walls, in fact they in some respects they are better as no painting maintenance to keep up and you can change colour schemes, artwork and design at the drop of a hat, it’s not even the horrific light fittings or curtains as I just change those, box up the landlords and when we come to leave swap them back.

The worst thing about renting is flooring choices, you may think I have gone crazy but take it from me a harden renter of 9 years it really is, even more so when you have children. The house we currently live in has no carpet on the downstairs living area, we have real wood flooring in the living room and quarry tiles in the kitchen/diner and playroom.

Don’t get me wrong it certainly has its practicalities, I wouldn’t have carpet in a kitchen area of course, when the kids spill something it is easy to clean for sure, but when Deacon was born there was no sitting on the cold hard floor with him, as he learnt to crawl and now walk every time he falls or stumbles is a major screaming incident, followed this week by a bloody mouth 🙁

Winter months are cold, it is no fun sitting on a solid cold floor to play with toys and the heating bills go through the roof.

I seriously crave carpet, I spend time going in carpet shops looking at them, feeling them, I even pin nice cosy carpets, I have a craving for carpets.

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Next time we move we will have carpet, we have even made it a must on the lists with agents, the husband feels the same as me you see.


So how about you, what would be on your must list on your next move, I have quite a list now but I want the next move to be a more permanent one, I want the next house to hopefully be the one my children grow in, so I want it to be perfect.


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