This Month You…..

Addison Dancing on the Pier

This month you have finished preschool for the last time

This month you got to go to London

This month you have learnt to write your name with ease

This month you have learnt to jump from 3 steps high

This month you started your happiness book

This month you have played in the rain

This month you had your first water pistol fight

This month you went on your 1st playdate

This month you danced on the pier

This month you did AMAZING at Sports Day

This month you dressed up as Snow White

This month you met Thomas The Tank Engine

This month you were so brave whilst your brother was in hospital

This month you played guitar to all at St.Pancras Station

This month you had to grow up

This month you rode your scooter along the seafront

This month you rode on the top deck of a bus

This month you have made Daddo and Mummy so so proud

This month you have been happy to be testing Suckies *

This month I love you more than the last, you really are amazing my Big little girl!

Addison in July 2015

The lovely people at The Collective Dairy sent Addison some of her favourite after dinner, breakfast, on a train, let’s be honest anytime of the day snack – SUCKIES!


If you have not had Suckies, or should I say the little ones have not had Suckies before then they are missing out. You may think they are like any other Yoghurt pouch but I can tell you from the words of Miss Addy “They are not, the other ones don’t taste nice, these are tasty and creamy Mummy, they taste like real fruit and they make my belly feel nice and full. They also have animals on the front which is cool”.

So there you have it why would you buy any other, Collective Dairy have also now started selling multipacks of Suckies which pleases me a great deal and lately they are always on special value price.

What I love about them is there is no added sugar, they are free from GM, Gluten, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.  They are great as like the picture above I freeze them and then when Addison comes to eat them on a day out they are nice and cold still and even better NO MESS!

Do go try them out, we currently buy them at Sainsbury’s, Asda and Waitrose.


*Sample of Suckies sent FOC

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