This Time 10 Years Ago….


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I was in full prep for my wedding day, the day that should be one of the best in my life. It really was, I married the man of my dreams, my best friend and soul mate, but other than that it was very crappy. It is a very long story and I won’t dwell, it took me a few years to not get upset and since I have learnt to look at all the positives and have then focused that on our 10th Wedding Anniversary we would renew our vows.

Our Wedding

Well that 10 years is coming round super quick, in fact it is less than 9 weeks away – eek!

After Grayson having such a bad summer medically, Ashley and I had to both reduce our working week, the thought of a renewal had lost all hope, but after some talks with some truly beautiful, awesome friends, aka Kirsty, Clara, Lauren and Hayley, they convinced me life really is too short and to make it happen. No matter if it is sandwiches in a local hall my renewal will take place.

So this week I managed to find a very nice local hall, just been renovated and with lovely area inside and out it will do the job nicely. It has taken half the very small budget, so that is now where over the next 8 weeks I have to get crazy busy making everything I can to save a penny, let’s be honest I love making and it will be so much prettier anyway.

The renewal is about embracing my love for not only my very awesome Hubby but our family unit, it is a day we celebrate being us, about how we have grown in numbers and solidarity over the past 10 years. A day where we enjoy our love with the people we truly love.

We have some fab friends coming *waves* and it is going to be a family orientated event, kids just as important and involved as the adults, fun games, dancing and party food.

I have of course been pinning my ideas, as Pinterest rocks for inspiration, as the budget has fallen I have gone from glamour to now deciding on an English Cream Tea fifties feel, but let’s be honest that is so more me.

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We have decided on what we want to wear as a family, now just to source it, have you seen any awesome flowery shirts for boys on your travels ??

I shall of course be blogging the whole run up and day for the beauties that can not make it and so I can look back and remember. We shall be having a totally social media savvy event so the hashtag will see us through the day too, with many a friend or family member sharing.

I am super excited, I really hope this will be the day that takes away those memories of 10 years ago and fills with just pure happy thoughts.

I would love any input, send me your ideas, your pins, well wishes, whatever it maybe and enjoy our journey with us!

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