This Week You….

addison april 2014

This week you went on a zip wire on your own

This week you demanded Shepherds Pie and Pasta for dinner and ate them

This week you played with Deacon happily if only for 5 minutes

This week you have managed to sleep in your bed nearly every night

This week you have sat and read magazines over and over

This week you have wanted to play in your bedroom and read stories to your toys

This week you were a very good girl for Granny

This week you learnt how to do Rolly Polly’s

This week you are obsessed even more with animals, in particular lambs and bunnies

This week you want me to keep saying your full name

This week you have loved painting

This week you just can not stop eating

This week you want to walk everywhere and not use a pushchair

This week you are loving Mister Maker and Zing Zillas

This week I keep crying (happy tears) listening to your little singing voice

This week you have been a dare-devil

This week you have been road testing a new coat

This week you have been a great sister

This week I love you more than the last

This week I am so glad you came into my life to keep me smiling

Addison This Week You

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