This Week You….

Walking in the Bluebells

This week you started as a 3-year-old

This week you turned 4!

This week you walked through Bluebells for the first time

This week you rode a bike for the first time

This week you went bowling

This week you have loved wearing Sunnies

This week you have loved drawing yourself

This week you helped make your birthday cake

This week you liked the spoon after for the first time

This week you have loved playing with new birthday toys

This week you bounced on a bouncy castle

This week you repeatedly tell me “I love you Mama”

This week you made your first real playdate

This week you explored the woods

This week you made a drum from things in nature

This week I fed my Doggy in Costa

This week I thought shorts were just for boys until Mummy told me otherwise

This week I have made Mummy and Daddo so proud

This week I am growing and learning so quickly

This week I love you more than last, but not as much as next xxx

this week addison

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