This Week You….

**Post written in August 2015, but forgot to upload, doing now as it makes me smile**


This week you went on a train to London

This week you have made your own smoothies

This week you had fun learning about Innocent Smoothies

This week you were a total beach babe

This week you have eaten breakfast in the garden

This week you have enjoyed your new Trampoline

This week you loved seeing The Tiger Came for Tea at the Theatre

This week you have taught your brother how to play Hide and Seek

This week you wore your gorgeous new Pineapple Gardner and the Gang dress from Kyna Boutique

This week you have been ever so excited about BIg School

This week you are loving drawing rockets and houses

This week you are loving your big girl Lego

This week youlove having cuddles

This week you went and got your school shoes *eek!

This week you are loving playing on your little “Pad” now you have your headphones*

This week you love writing your first and last name

This week you have been on a bus, train, car and underground

This week you stayed up late to watch Big Blue Live and loved it

This week I love you more than the last, you are growing up too quickly my big girl


*The kind people at Geemarc sent Addison some Kiwibeat Childrens Headphones for us to test and let you know about. Addison has to do an awful lot of long car journeys when Grayson is in hospital and we let her play the iPad or her little educational pad to take away from the boredom, her brother is usually napping so headphones are a must. These are brilliant, I tried them first and was hugely impressed that they do not get very loud at all, they have been specially designed to protect childrens hearing. They are nice and light and with a simple yet funky design. She loves them and feels like such a big girl wearing them, they are also a total steal at £16 from Amazon, a must for all the kids for Christmas.

*PR Sample


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