Tidy Freaks Litter Bin Buddy Review

One thing we never escape on our car floor is rubbish!

I rememeber when I was young my Aunt used to keep a plastic bag in her car to collect rubbish and I always had the same intention but you know what they say about good intentions.

But now my intentions have been solved with the help of our new pet Gimi from Tidy Freaks.

Now that the Tidy Freaks are here we can keep our kids and cars clean and happy. These child friendly bins are always hungry and never shy about asking for more.They’re the perfect travelling companion for your little, littering buddy.

He is genius, he fits simply with Velcro onto the back of the front seats and the kids can easily reach and fill up his belly. He is adorable, so they just want to keep feeding him so he is smiling and happy.

Tidy Freaks Review

There are no more sweet wrappers or fruit shot bottles on my car floor, Gimi eats them all and I can even reach round and fill him up from the passenger seat.

I only ever have to empty him once every few weeks, there is ample space and don’t worry if like Addison they put a sticky lolly in there, his liner is totally wash proof, just turn him inside out and give him a clean.

I honestly believe every car should have one, actually to be honest I want a second one for the other side of our car so all the kids can use it, the question is which cutie to choose ?

Tidy Freaks

For £15 they truly are a bargain, think of all the times you have pleaded with the kids to clear up the rubbish in the car, well I would pay double that price to stop that and not sure your kids will love it ? Watch this quick video of Addison with her Monster.

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