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>Remember all those months back, I shared with you my first Etsy purchase, a lovely bag of the dear Becky of BeckyKay designs, well when I did that, I made a pledge with all my purchases from Etsy I would do a small interview to spread the word of the amazing artists I have had the pleasure of dealing with and here is another, (I know I don’t get to purchase enough from ETSY) dear Yvonne of Petite & Spoon, although I bought supplies from Yvonne she is also a crafter so here is her interview, please go check out her fab shoppe.

1. Who is Petite Spoon, what do you sell on Etsy?

Petite Spoon is a little shop that opened up a creative brew for a stay at home mom with two babies.

On P+S you can find a potpourri of handmade jewelries,graphic art and design, plus an array of unique supplies for crafting.

For graphic art and design, there are personalized birth announcement cards that I created. They are colorful and bold. I also put up some art pieces like Sivvy inspired by my favorite poet Sylvia Plath. I love to put up more similar pieces or even create a series inspired by writers and poets in the future.

Adornments enjoyment, the handmade jewelries are made from my collection of beads. I have been collecting for years and created some pieces for my friends, and myself but I never thought about selling them. Most of the inspirations come from my childhood living in Nigeria and my travels.

I decided to share my favorite beads to fellow crafters by selling them. It started out from my collections and then people kept on wanting more that I decide specialized in selling European beads mostly ceramics.

The most popular supplies for crafting, besides the great deal for sterling silver wires, are the beautiful raw Greek ceramic beads and the tornado crimps.

The Greek ceramics are from the island of Mykonos. Those hand-formed ceramic beads are truly a labor of love. They are kiln-fired terracotta biscuits then fired again with rough copper and lastly the finishing coat of either pure copper, 100% fine silver, or 24 k gold is applied.

The tornado crimps are the coolest finding that I found at the bead faire. Crimp beads without using the crimping tool. Each crimp is dimensional not plain or flat on the surface. Once you try using them you will never go back to regular boring crimps. They come in two sizes .019 and .024. The smart design by via murano is just so beautiful and functional.

2. Is this a hobby or full time commitment?

This has always been a hobby of mine.

By trade (besides the mommy job), I am a graphic designer and most of the designs I do are corporate identity and branding. My online design portfolio can be view at www.chialudesign.com

3. What made you start selling on Etsy and how did you learn your craft?

I was with my first baby when I found Etsy after doing some research on a branding project I was working on. I fell in love with the idea of sharing and selling handmade crafts to people who enjoys looking and shopping for them.

I learnt my craft from my mom. She loves to sew. And I remembered her making me my birthday dress for my 8th birthday. Also one of my cousins got me hooked on beads. I started collecting beads because I just truly love beads and what I can do with them. My collections are mostly ceramics beads and lamp work beads.

4. Do you do commission pieces?

Yes, I do. I love to do commission pieces wither they are jewelry design or graphic art and design.

5. Anything else you would like us to know ?
I also enjoy painting(medium oil and watercolour), photography and letterpress.

Thanks so much Yvonne for talking to us and for my great Greek beads and tornado crimps, don’t forget peeps go and visit Yvonne at her blog and her shop.

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