Top Tips From Britax For The Perfect Pushchair

I say it time and again on my blog I am a PUSHCHAIR ADDICT! I don’t think you can ever have enough pushchairs, but that isn’t because there isn’t a perfect one, it is just likes shoes or handbags to me, you need different ones for different days out.

I am a lucky girl too as blogging has indulged my addiction a few times and this week the kind people of Britax have sent me a B-Motion 3 to play with , of course I mean they have sent a B-Motion 3 for the children to test out and be comfy in and as you can see Deacon is already doing a good job of this….

Britax B Motion 3

Now I will be back with my full review of the B-Motion 3, but Britax kindly put together some great tips for parents when trying to choose the perfect Pushchair, I personally have a top 5 which are.

  1. Basket Size – Has to be good, the last thing you want is bags hanging and banging against your legs on the handle and when you have a baby you always have a ton of stuff
  2. Seat Size and Comfort – You need your little one no matter the age to have room and be comfy, no squashed up bubba, happy sleeping baby equals happy Mummy.
  3. Size – Especially when collapsed, will it fit in the boot of the car?
  4. Handle heights – The hubby and I are a foot different in size so we both need to be able to push comfortably.
  5. Design – I am sorry but it is important, a pretty pushchair pleases me.



From lightweight three-wheelers to travel systems and off-road strollers – there’s a huge array of pushchairs available to choose from, and it can be difficult for new parents to know where to start.


Ask any seasoned mum if she would fork out for the same first pram again and she is likely to say no. In fact, she is more than likely to have one or two more prams back at home in her quest to find the pushchair that satisfied all her and her baby’s needs.


BRITAX has been speaking and working with mums for decades, and, in the hope of helping new mums learn from other mum’s mistakes and save some serious time and money, we have developed a few simple tips to consider before splashing hard-earned cash.




Think comfort.  A comfy baby is a happy baby, so think seats that fully recline, are spacious and well padded.  Think cosy footmuffs, smart raincovers and hoods that protect your little ones from the elements.


Think practically. Don’t forget, the needs of a baby and toddler are very different and they soon grow.  Older toddlers will still need space for a comfortable snooze when their batteries run low.


A boisterous toddler (and tired mum) can be heavy-handed and you need to look for a pushchair that has good quality features that can stand a good deal of wear and tear.


Also, think, will the pushchair be handed down to a new sibling in a couple of year’s time?  Look for a hardwearing fabric that will work for both boys and girls.




Do you need something lightweight that you can easily get on and off buses, fold up quickly to put in the boot of your car?  Carry up a flight of stairs?  Do you need a heavy weight pram that you can pound the pavements with, with a large shopping basket for all your food shopping?


Considering your lifestyle requirements alongside the needs of your child are key in selecting the right pushchair for your family. With almost 50 years’ experience in manufacturing pushchairs and travel systems, BRITAX has something for every family and every lifestyle.


Consider the following points before you make your final decision…

  • If you have a newborn baby, your pushchair should have a full lie-back seat unit. Not only is this the most comfortable position for your new arrival, it is also much safer and will help protect the soft bones in their neck whilst you’re on the move. Some models, such as our BRITAX affinity also come with fully reversible seat units so your baby can face you


  • Those families with twins or small children close in age will need to find a pushchair to suit the needs of both siblings. Double side-by-side pushchairs such as the B-AGILE Double, or tandem options such as the B-DUAL offer fantastic features that will suit any family looking after two young children


  • Inner city mums are likely to be looking for something lightweight, with good portability that’s easily collapsible (preferably with a one-handed pull fold mechanism), particularly if you’ll be using their pushchair on public transport or have steps leading to your house.  For those looking for a great all-rounder which works well in the park or at the shops, the B-MOTION family caters for children from birth up to approximately four years of age


  • Alternatively, those living in the countryside might like to make the most of their surroundings with an all-terrain stroller such as the BOB Sport Utility Stroller – its textured tyres and superior suspension will ensure a smooth ride for your child on even the bumpiest terrains


  • All of the BRITAX pushchairs can convert to what is known as a travel system – using very simple CLICK & GO adaptors, you can attach a host of carriers, sleepers and carrycots




You don’t need to spend a fortune to get great quality practical features. You need a pushchair that reclines, is well padded, is safe and provides a comfortable experience for both mum and baby.


Think carefully about whether you will be passing the buggy down to a future sibling – in which case it may be worth spending a little bit more money to ensure it wears well.


Shop around for the best deals, as there are always great offers. BRITAX offers something for every family and for every budget.




Try before you buy – get a proper feel for how it folds, manoeuvres, how much storage space it offers, the height and feel of the handle bars…


Think about where you will be storing the pushchair – in your car, in the hallway, have you got the right amount of space?


Look and see which accessories are included in the price, there are always some great deals to be had.


And remember, it is possible to tick all the boxes; it just takes a little research and testing!

Disclosure – I have been sent a Britax B Motion 3 for review, no money has been received for sharing these tips.

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