Totseat Review

A couple of weeks ago I put a shout out on Twitter for help, we were off on holiday and I was in need of some sort of seat I could pack in a suitcase that could be used for Addison and Grayson alike whilst out and about for feeding.

I was astounded as always by the knowledge and tweets that came from Mum’s I knew and who were new to me with suggestions. I had a few suggestions but top of the list in popularity was the Totseat.

I was over the moon when Totseat came to the rescue and offered to send me one for review just in time for our holiday.

Totseat’s history is such an interesting read

Even venturing out for coffee can be a hazard with a baby, and believe me it was. The highchair proferred, if at all, was either filthy, or delivered from the downstairs loo (hardly encouraging). My cardigans developed hugely long arms, as they were ‘worn’ by ‘normal’ chairs to envelop our baby daughter.  In the end, post one incredibly frustrating lunch … I cracked … and cut up my wedding dress to create what became the first Totseat cloth chair harness. Yes, my husband was watching. I think he even handed me the scissors. (We are still married).

Here’s the concept of Totseat –

The Totseat travel highchair makes life-on-the-go both easy and fun. It converts dining chairs, of all shapes and sizes, into a safe haven for your tot. It squashes into its own tiny travel pouch, is machine washable and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

So does it really work, YES, I think I can honestly say this is one of the best products we have ever had the chance to review and shall be used the most.

It is so light and comes in the tiniest little pouch, that not only fits in a suitcase but the bubba’s changing bag.

We took it on holiday with us and both Grayson and Addison used it.

The Totseat is perfect for children from 8 months who can sit well unaided, it has several groin lengths to grow with baby and is completely machine washable, we tried on 3/4 different styles of chair and worked well with all.

It held both babies comfortably even in very hot weather in Madeira, allowing them to be safe and secure whilst we fed them in our apartment and then to sit with us whilst we were out in restaurants.

Grayson in particular did amazing with the Totseat, Grayson is 3 1/2 (size of a 2/3yo) and although he can sit has bum control issues, he is now getting a little large for a lot of highchairs but not capable of sitting in a normal seat, the Totseat was truly amazing for him, he sat so comfortably, so much so that even after he had been fed he was happy to stay in the Totseat and watch TV or play with toys as it is so comfortable.

So a great product for kids with or without disabilities a rarity nowadays and available in the gorgeous Denim like we have or many bright funky designs and can even be personalised all on the TOTSEAT website as well as various retailers.

We highly recommended the Totseat and for the RRP of £18/24 and a lifetime guarantee we think this is a steal, we know this will be used not only frequently now but for years to come with hopefully more babies.

Also find Totseat on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates.

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