Treats for Me // Subscription Boxes

I love treats for me, since earning my first pennies at the young age of 12 I would save up and treat myself, a new piece of make up, chocolate or more than likely a new book/magazine.

When you have kids though those treats tend to disperse a little, you do not feel resentment for that as there is nothing better than buying things for the little people in my life, but you must remember you need to be HAPPY.

Like many I was becoming greatly down at the work to survive routine, I hadn’t had my hair done in months, the last time my nails saw a manicure, well before Addison came along and don’t ask when we last went to the Cinema. It was getting me down, as I said I never begrudge my children anything, in fact quite the opposite, it could easily be said I spoil them, but that is my choice, but a happy Mummy (and Daddy) is important to the structure of our household.

I decided to try to make time for myself again, if only 15 minutes a week, I knew I couldn’t afford all my special pampering treats, or even a nice shopping trip once a week, but I could rekindle my love of stationery.

It would tie in perfectly with my goals to start organising my life again, to take control, instead of doing that all in a plain notebook I could put to use my washi tape and my tired old Filofax.

So as I researched on YouTube and got a little addicted to channels such as Nickie’s, I came across Brimbles Box, how I do love a subscription box (I’ve had Birchbox in the past), it is like a magazine subscription and Christmas all rolled into one, but then I started to realise there is a whole world of subscription boxes out there.

Stationery Subscription box

I managed to also nab myself one of the 1000 Lucky Dip Club boxes that go out each month, so April 1st saw me waiting by the letterbox for 2 treats for me, naughty girl.

subscription box

Both have brought me great happiness this past week, I have decorated my filofax, feel more organised, worn a beautiful new Swan Necklace and met some new communities online, all from a simple subscription.

Both I only bought one of monthly boxes (love that you can do this) but I feel I shall end up subscribing to both, they are so awesome – don’t believe me check out my VLOGs on what was in my boxes.

So the question is, is there other subscription boxes I should be checking out before I sign up to these ? Or do you have a better alternative for finding some happy me time ? I am all ears. What do you do ??

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