A Troll Hair Don’t Care Morning With Vosene Kids

You can not escape the world of #DreamworksTrolls – no matter your age you enjoy the film. All I hear is positive comments on how amazing it is.

Addison of course is Troll obsessed, so when I told her that Vosene Kids had invited us to go and meet Poppy and Branch she was beyond excited.


Last week we arrived both a little giddy with excitement, Addison to meet the trolls and myself wanting to experience Shrek Adventure as I am a HUGE fan.

After some breakfast we were immersed into a 4D experience where we met many characters, rode a magical bus ride driven by Donkey and Addison even had to throw Pinocchios conscience into a cauldron. No lies it is that amazing. We shall be going back to share the experience with Daddo, if ever looking for something in London go check it out.

Vosene Kids Shampoo with #Dreamworktrolls

We came out laughing and excited into a Rainbow lit hallway to be met by Poppy and Branch, Addison ran so hard into Poppy’s arms and I have to say hands down one of my best parenting moments ever! She showed Poppy her T-Shirt and Poppy giggled.


Someone is beyond happy and excited. #vosenekidsmeet #dreamworktrolls

I didn’t think Vosene Kids could top the magic but then we were led into a beautiful hair studio filled with crafts, glitter and trolls as far as the eye could see.


We created Troll inspired pictures, made Play-doh trolls and even played mini trolls, it was so much fun, then it was time for Addison and even me to get our hair Trollified!

Vosene Kids Shampoo with #Dreamworktrolls

Addison chose to have a fantastic plait trailing round the side of her head, sprayed pink and finished off with many gold glitter sparkles. Not wanting to be left out I went for a little plait and purple sparkles.



The whole morning was just magical, Addison and I made amazing memories that we shall never forget. If your kids are Troll fans then make sure you get to Shrek Adventure as through November and December they shall be there at the weekend.

Thankfully Vosene Kids sent us home with a bag of their new Fruity Flavoured Shampoos so the next day we washed out our magical looks and although our hair did not look all sparkly with glitter, it sparkled from being shiny clean and smelt delicious, good enough to eat!

Vosene Kids make in my opinion the best children’s shampoo/conditioner products on the market in their Squeaky Clean range. Anything that stops head lice in their tracks is AWESOME.  We have been using their Conditioning Spray (or Tickle Spray) as Addison calls it for 2 years now and never once has she come home with head lice *touches wood* and now with it being added to their Shampoos I am over the moon.

Vosene Kids Shampoo with #Dreamworktrolls

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