>Want an excuse to buy a new pen


Well here it is, now did you all know it Universal Letter Writing Week, bet you didn’t. Well courtsey of my dear dear Blogger babe Laura of KatyDiddy now I do and so do you, please go check out her blog and see what I mean.

I meant now.

Oh so you are back then…

well if like me you feel ashamed that you have lost the beautiful art of making people smile through letter writing, then like me make yourself a promise, make sure you too this year try to send a sweet note in the mail and I don’t mean email.

You know I have very luckily learnt this from dear Laura, in the past couple of months on 3 occasions she has sent me a sweet hello in the post, not something many of you would call special just a few kind words to make me smile and I have in turn posted a small letter to my Grandma but this is not enough, so I have promised myself not to forget a birthday card to friends and family who are not close, or a dear blog pal a sweet hello, why don’t you try too, I mean like my Nana nags/sorry says every so often the art of letter writing has died one day people wont know what a pen is and sadly this is so true, so treat yourself to a nice fountain pen, glittery pink pen or a patterned pen with a butterfly on top no matter what try it.

Love to All

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