We Gave Messy Play A Go

So I have always loved the idea of Messy Play, I mean I am not the tidiest person in the world so why wouldn’t I. But when I had the kids I realised I really wasn’t so sure about it, funnily enough I like my children to look clean and smart.

When Grayson started a therapy programme back when he was 2 they included Messy Play to try to break some of his sensory barriers, but he really didn’t take well to it, so after trying for a couple of months we all decided to stop as it was just upsetting him.

But lately I have seen so many benefits to Messy Play, not only since they do it in his Pre School to try to combat sensory processing issues but also online with other bloggers and how he brings great interaction for Parent/Child relationships but also for the childs own imagination.

When I think back to being a child most of my happiest memories are out in the garden making mud pies and building outdoor camps, all Messy Play of my time.

I kept trying little bits of Messy Play but it didn’t work as I couldn’t stand the mess, then the gorgeous Emma of Me, The Man and The Baby showed off some pics of her boys playing in a Tuff Spot. I was won over straight away, a way of the kids trying messy play and containing it. So my little brother bought a Tuff Spot for the kids for their Birthday this month, as soon as I saw it I knew Grayson would love banging his legs on it, he loves to hear loud noises under his feet.

Then last Thursday just before bath time we had a spare hour so I thought this is the perfect opportunity to try out Messy Pay, but what ? I remembered seeing some kids playing with Moon Sand. I knew I had a big bottle of Aldi Baby Oil and some cheap flour so this was achievable, quick and cheap and would give me a chance to see how Grayson reacted to a new texture.

making moon sand

It’s a simple process to make, I decided to go for a small amount as I wasn’t sure how they would be with it, so we did 2 1/2 cups of flour to 1 cup of baby oil.

Addison went on 1st, she was unsure, she decided to throw a great deal of it around the house 1st (keep calm Kara) but then after 10 minutes started squashing it in her toes and fingers, we then got some of her fave rubber ducks out and a great wooden truck from DKL. She started driving threw with the tipper and the ducks really liked the sand.

addison messy play

Once Addy had started to get a little bored she went up for her bath and I decided to try Grayson, Grayson works better in quiet on one to one basis so I knew this would be the best time.

As predicted he loved the noise the Tuff Spot made as he banged his feet, what I was hugely surprised about was how he instantly touched the Moon Sand, this is not usually how Grayson is, he is usually so wary, it was lovely to see him touch it and feel it in is fingers, after a couple of minutes he tried his usual trick of eating it, but was willing to put it down and play with it again.

grayson messy play

Grayson managed about 5 minutes which is a huge step for him, I am really excited to try out some other Messy Play to see if we can overcome some of his issues.

You can see videos of both babies playing over on my you tube page.

Do you have ideas for this Messy Play Novice, something suitable for a 2-year-old Minx and a little boy who is about 10 months developmentally, please leave suggestions or links, I would appreciate it.

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