We Have To Be Grown Ups – Help!


Ashley and I realised the other day we do not have Life Insurance or Wills !

I mean how crazy is that, we have 2 kids, we pay the obvious bills each month like our home insurance and car insurance to make sure we are covered day-to-day but we have let lax what would happen if something happened to us, its morbid I know, but I said to Ashley this is not acceptable, we have 2 young children who I am guessing if anything happened to us would automatically go to Ashley’s family (due to old-fashioned laws). Don’t get me wrong I love Ashley’s family but would they know how to care for my children as I want.

Grayson also obviously comes with his own complications, he shall need full-time care his entire life, it’s unlikely he will ever be able to live on his own and I worry about if anyone I know is strong enough to take on this task.

I am now hugely fearful, I know I have to sit down and decide what we are going to do, this is one of those horrible parenting jobs that no one talks about, but it is incredibly important, as much as changing nappies and picking the right schools.
But I just don’t know what we do, I mean I am 31, a grown up, a mummy but I have never had to do something so grown up, it’s the sort of thing I have always said is what your parents do, but I am the parent so I have to wise up.

So I am putting a shout out for help, we have little to no disposable income so I need to do this for a small amount as possible, but how do I go about getting a will ?
Especially when it handles the most important task in the world, caring for my precious babies ?


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