>Week 2 of the diet Begins

Oh well, I don’t think I did great on my first week, only exercised 2 days out of 6 and with the weekends yummy food treats not a great start, can’t tell you if I lost any weight yet as I need to go the leisure centre tonight to weigh myself and can’t show you piccy’s from my journal cause frankly they are crap, I am not very good with the artistic side of journalling have never much understood, but please go by Laura’s Blog (our host) her pages are fab, now I think I understand the idea, I will do some pages tonight and hopefully show you tomorrow.

I did think our 2 goals last week were a great start, it has really made me watch what I eat, I have always known that writing down makes you look at your food in better detail and this definitely works for me, on the days were I did not have a dinner out etc, I really stuck to my goal of 24/25 ww points, this sounds alot but trust me is barely enough for 3 meals to non weight watcher members.

So anyway new week lets see what Laura has set this week.

Diet Challenge
Mindful eating.Every time you eat-even snacks-you must sit down at your table and focus on the food, how it tastes and feels in your mouth, what it smells like. How your body is reacting to it. No TV, no books! This will make you realise how much you eat purely from boredom. This is very similar to a Paul Mckenna food eating book I followed for a while, we then are to journal about how this week’s challenge makes us feel. I am going to find this one very difficult, as firstly I do not have a table at home I eat on the sofa in front of the telly and to be honest its the only time I get to watch telly lately. Also at work I have to eat whilst I work, we don’t get breaks so I will try my hardest, but the organ grinder(dad) may not be too happy with me leaving the phones ringing. LOL.

Exercise Challenge

Try a new exercise and journal about it. Laura says if we have been walking or doing aerobics, try a different exercise. It will shock your body into letting go of a little more weight.I like this idea as I don’t like starting exercise, I have done I think every type of exercise on the planet I seriously am not kidding, keep trying to find one I like, this is what I started last year that I can remember now no laughing…..

Roller Skating
Cycle riding
Belly dancing
Swim Aerobics
Rounders (similar to baseball)
Weight Training
Air Walking
Ballroom Dancing
and much more see I told you I try, the longest I stuck at any was 6 weeks, I am thinking cause I am tight on money, I may pull out my step and video and give that another try as I did like that and it really burns the cals.
Who wants to try a new exercise with me, come on only have to do it once, I will send a gift to anyone who does.

Oh talking of gifts I am doing a giveaway later today, nothing special just a couple of Bracelets but always makes me happy to do a small token of thanks.

Well enough writing for now.
Speak later

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