>Welcome to the New ME

>Hi All

It’s been a while hasn’t it, are any of you still out there? Well I am here, a little bigger, a little older (turned 30) and I think a lot wiser.

A few months back you may remember I questioned if I could carry on blogging, when I opened this blog many moons ago it was to share my jewellery collection, then my other crafts, then it moved onto to being a mama as well, so many things have changed in my life and because of this my blog has gone no where, I no longer get me time to craft and make.

So I kinda said goodbye to the blog, which I hated, it made me very sad, then about a month ago the New ME was formed, nothing amazing like a change in style etc but a massive change in my mindset.

Many of you know the story of my son, he is beautiful, Grayson is 21 months now and is a total inspiration to all that get touched by his sweet soul, when I found out my son had brain damage amongst a whole host of other things, I sobbed and cried and asked why me? I wish I could say I was oh well that life’s I love my baby no matter what, but hand on heart I couldn’t. I mourned and mourned for the child I had dreamed of, the boy that had been taken from my dreams, through all this I loved my son, don’t take me wrong I cared for him I think incredibly, doing everything I could to help him, but in my heart I always longed for him to be normal.

Then I don’t know why but 2 months or so ago my feelings started to change, my grieving process was done I guess? It wasn’t just a wake up overnight thing and it wasn’t till this past week that I knew how much I had changed inside, some may say it’s the carrying of my 2nd child that changed me, I am not sure but I now can put hand on heart and say I LOVE MY SON no matter what, I don’t think of him being different I just see a beautiful smart so stints naughty little boy. A child who lives in a different world than ours but I am not sure if not much much better.

So with this and the baby bump that grows in front of me I have decided to embark on a new Me through my Innocent Charms Chats, I mean I am still Innocent Charms, just a nee improved me and some of you may find my new blog hard to read, as I plan to post on days when my moods go up and down, about the fun and hardships that come with a Special Needs Child and that of a working tired mama.

I hope some of you keep on coming by, I thank my loyal followers for your support and kindness.

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