>Welcome to the Rollercaster!! – Week 17

>This week The Gallery teamed up with Writing Workshop and the theme set was Emotions.

Some of you already know my life is a Roller coaster of Emotions, although I share what happens regularly I actually most of the time keep my emotions on the situations to myself.

On a day to day basis I look at my little boy and have hate and love mixed together, I don’t think most people can say that and I am not sure if most would admit it, I hate to say it, what type of parent says such a thing ?

My hate is not reflected due to my son, he gives me so much pleasure its unmeasurable, the hate is what is happening to him and the not knowing of why.

My little boy is 18 months, he is still waiting for a formal diagnosis’s if they ever find out, but he has Cerebral Palsy, Global Developmental Delay. Bleed and Cysts on the Brain, Failure to Thrive, Low Muscle tone amongst so many things.
I can not explain what life is like, in so many ways its just normal, but the hospital visits (2/3 week) take a toll on you, but its worth every piece of pain just to see this smile.

My life maybe lonely at times and I have no shoulder to understand but emotions make us whole and if it was not for emotions I am not sure times would be easier.

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