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I had too, I mean I could barely sit down and had a space on my desk about the size of a postage stamp cleared, but my dear Aunt over in America requested some earrings to go with the “The Tree of Life Necklace” I made her a couple of months ago, they are in the next post cause Blogger hates my computer and flickr seems to be the only way I can post pictures so please go onto part 2 of this post to see the earrings I made for my Aunt.
Well once I started I thought I would make a few more pairs of earrings, as last week I bought myself a really nice rotating earring display that holds 70 odd pairs (or something like that – note to self I haven’t shown it to you girlz need to take a piccy) anywho, and I realised I needed quite a few more to fill before I go to all my fairs in a couple of weeks, so I started making some, nothing overly special, but to be honest I really like making earrings so it was fun.
I love the first pair as they use a set of really pretty clear decrotive vintage beads with some nice pale pink swarovski pearls and the last pair have some of my very own simple polymer clay beads.
Don’t forget to check part 2 out to see the earrings I am sending also if you like any they are all for sale just drop me a line for a price.

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