What Are My #LittleLoves For August 2018

August has been equal measures of gone by fast and slow. I think it is always the same with the Summer Holidays.

We have not had that exciting of a month, between a terrible bug for me at the beginning of the month, Ashley having surgery in the middle it has meant a lot of time spent at home crafting and trying to entertain 3 children who are bored the second they finish an activity.

I am a little looking forward to returning to routine as I have so much I want to do.

But for now fancy finding out about my month and my loves then grab a drink and have a read…



A large promise to myself for 2018 was to get back into quiet time for me reading, in my younger years I could never be found without a book in hand but since having the kids they had been replaced by reading to the kids.

This month I have completed three books.

The Back Up Plan/Alice Judge-Talbot

I have followed Alice on social media for years now and as soon as her book was available for preorder I did just that. The book follows Alice’s journey of love and how life was for her following her Divorce and being a single parent.

Although I am neither of these so much of the book resonated with me, it reminded me how important I am and actually made me really look into myself.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart/Holly Ringland

After my friend Susan shared this book on Instagram I ordered from Amazon the very same day. It looked like the perfect book I was looking for and considering I read it in less than 5 days I think shows how much I loved it.

Just how Alice’s book made me think about my own life, Holly’s made me feel empowered and ready to take on the world. The story set in Australia follows the life of Alice Hart through incredibley life changing events and sees her come out the other side a stronger more independent young woman.

Not only is the writing inviting, the illustrations are simply stunning and I can not imagine anyone not enjoying this book.

How To be Happy/Eva Woods

I was so pleased to find my local library finally had this on the shelf. Again this came on my radar following many people I follow on Instagram sharing it.

I had not realised the plot until I started chapter one and can not express how much this book spoke to me. Following the life of two woman who meet by chance following a 100 days of happiness challenge I feel like if I closed my eyes this could be me, always looking to find the little moments in life that cheer the everyday.

I  loved how I could see the characters as I read, actually crying over the last 100 pages, yes it is a predictable ending but I love that, I love escaping  into a book  where not only do you feel such  sadness for its realism but you can also escape real life.


Why It’s OK to Love Yourself / Mothers Always Right

Self Esteem…Can we help each other? / Tired From Whitstable

Both amazing posts which have helped me a little on my continuing journey to feel more confident and happy.


First up is a film which I enjoyed immensely. I was just scrolling through Netflix on one of my poorly days in bed and came across The Jane Austen Book Club.

Can you believe never in my life have I read anything by Jane Austen? Have you, am I alone in this?

The film is over 10 years old now and although it does not have a deep and meaningful message it was just lovely to watch and I found it interesting watching the characters all very different in personality find a common ground throgh a book club.

I think book clubs are a thing of the past which saddens me a little as I certainly would love to be a part of one.

Also on Netflix this month I watched the whole of the Good Girls series after Morgana recommended it on her Little Loves post last month.

Following the story of 3 Mums desperate to overcome financial difficulties by any means necessary it really makes you think what would you do in their position.


If you follow me on Instagram I am sure you will have seen I have gone a little make crazy.

Being Creative Quote from Innocent Charms Chats
I have spoke before of how making/creating things makes me happy and spurred on by an Instagram link up I have been loving spending some time creating things this month.

I ordered some Happy Fabric Vinyls after seeing them on Insta and have become addictive. They are simple to use and take very little time.

Find out how to upcycle a kids tee in 10 minutes with Happy Fabric and items in your home at Innocent Charms Chats

At the beginning of the month I also loved challenging myself to creating a date night picnic recipe that wasn’t sandwiches/quiche.

I think my Fajita Bowl has become a firm favourite, there is nothing I love more than Mexican Food after all.



With Summer coming towards the end I have not been wearing anything new and exciting, I shared on Insta how I have been loving a pair of Culottes I treated myself to but other than that it has been my usual Summer wardrobe.

Check out why I am loving Culottes for Plus Size woman including these from Simply Be. Innocent Charms Chats

I have just started looking into Autumn/Winter fashion, I know we should not wish away Summer but I much prefer fashion of those seasons and I am really enjoying all the Autmnal shades.


Whilst I have not been wearing anything new clothes wise I have been loving a new Primer I was gifted.

StriVectin are a new brand to me and they asked if they could send me their LineBlurfector, although I am not overly worried about wrinkles I had been on the search for a new primer which would help even out some skin issues I have been having.

The primer is lovely,  it smooths my face and provides the perfect base for applying my make up, it is light on your skin so I still feel like it can breathe and I have noticed that my Make Up does not shift hardly at all when I wear the primer. So do check them out.

With school returning in just under two weeks I have another product that I think many of you Mum’s love.

I always include a little Lip balm in my kids school bags as with the changing weather they can end up with chapped lips. Addison and Deacon love these lip balms that Amber House kindly sent them which come in fun flavours perfect for children. You can pick them up from places like Primark, Amazon or Claires for less than £2. Addison is loving the Candy Crush Bubblegum flavour.

Amber House fun flavoured Lip Balms perfect for Kids Back To School bags


I have mentioned Alison Perry’s Not Another Mummy Podcast a few times in the past on my Little Loves post, so imagine my surprise when I had a message from Alison asking me to be a guest.

I could not believe it to be honest, the guests she has had up to now have been truly inspirational woman that I have come to admire, but last month Alison and I chatted and recorded episode 38 of her podcast in my Kitchen and it went live this week.

If you fancy a listen head over but make sure you grab a cuppa first as I waffle on for nearly an hour all about being a Mum to Grayson (and his sidekicks).

Thanks again Alison for asking me.

And Lastly

So not only was I hugely honoured to be featured as a guest for Alison I also guest posted for Love Chic Living this month.

Jen is one of the UK’s number one Interiors Bloggers and all round PInterest Guru, I have admired her for many years so when she accepted a Interiors Guest Post on my new Bedroom design on her blog this month I was blown away.

If you like Interiors and want to see more on my plans for a Pink and Green Botanical Bedroom then head over and have a read.


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