What Happens At Bedtime – Review

Bedtime in our house is always a little manic, a lot of noise and usually involves Mr Innocent Charmer and I clock watching, but it also is the best time of day.

We are bookworms in our house, I have a pile of books by my bed that look like I have just been to the library, my dream would to have a library in our home, it is a place that Addison and I frequently attend on our one on one days. But books aren’t just for library’s they are for every days.

Since before I became pregnant I dreamt of bedtimes curled on Mummy and Daddy’s bed nice cozy PJ’s on, warm milk and reading books together as a family and although this may not happen every night in our home it happens at least half of the week and they are the best times, we laugh, we giggle, we make funny animal noises and I like to act out the books for the bubba’s, it’s a great time that all of the kids, no matter their age or disability in Grayson’s case enjoy and get involved.

m & s review

At a time when iPads, Phones and TV’s dominate our lives I was saddened when M&S emailed me and said “did I realise that device time has taken over the bedtime story routine,” well not in our house. Don’t get me wrong my elder children do have iPad time, Grayson has many uses for the device and Addison does play educational games, but she is restricted to 15 minutes a day and we would never make that at family wind down time.

reading time

I love getting the kids fresh PJ’s out, M & S kindly sent us some lovely new ones, aren’t they cute ? We love Grey in our house (as you probably guessed from the room design and Grayson’s name), my babies wear a lot of M & S clothes as they are great against little sensitive skin, plus their Great Nana loves to buy from them.

bedtime reading reviewAfter getting all cozy in our PJ’s we got to reading some fab books we received, usually Daddy or I read one book but quite often Addison has another in hand as she loves to read her own story, we always tend to get tactile or noisy books as they are great for engaging Grayson, Addison fell in love with the Wheels on The Bus Book as she just learnt the rhyme at Preschool. Grayson loved the 3D pop up Christmas book (this is back in December) and it allowed us to explain what shall be happening Christmas Eve to Addison.

Childrens PJ Review

We do read older books to the kids but have always found the books with simple stories and bright colours to work better for us as a family having children of different development levels, as it means they can all engage. Addison is already starting to recognise letters and words in books, she learns a great deal from reading as like I said we make noises and make it fun. I could not imagine our children not having bedtime stories, we like to get our teddies and toys involved and usually with our Jungle themed books we bring in animals to act out the story.

Bedtime Review

Gorgeous PJ’s with great details

I love this time of day and if I plead one thing to parents please do try it, books are cheap as chips, the 5 we received from M&S combined added up to less than £20, but we also buy books from charity shops and lend them out from the library, I know these evenings are the ones that not only I but the babies will treasure forever.

Disclosure – Thanks to M&S for sending us some lovely PJ’s and Books for purpose of this post, all opinions and the love we feel for reading time is our own.

Also we can’t say thanks to M&S enough as the lovely PJ’s they sent Grayson really were soft, kind and caring to his skin as he was in hospital with Pneumonia and reading him the Jungle book and playing the sounds to him really helped when he was so poorly.

Grayson in hospital in M&S PJ's

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