>What is a Blog for ?


Many moons ago I started my blog to show people my creative side, I had just started making jewellery and was participating in a great deal of swaps, so I had quite a bit to show and talk about.

Well many of you may have noticed that over the past year and a half I blog very little, my life changed for the better and I had my little boy, but my life plan changed when it arose he is unwell. I don’t want to sound like I am complaining about this, this is not the case, I love my son and I can now see past his disabilities but it has meant my time is now taken up with hospital trips, therapies and general care for my son.
My beads and everything creative has been packed away, maybe for good.
So now I am not sure what I need a blog for, very few people come visit anymore, which I understand but I feel so sad, I have nothing to write about, I am not a very good writer like Kelle Hampton, her blog is so awesome, I am no longer creative like my great friend Laura Bray or any good at a hobby like my great friend Christine, so I don’t know what to blog.
So I am thinking the time of Innocent Charms Chats may sadly have to go, this is hard for me as I love it so. Some days its hard for me to smile like this…
Sorry for the downer, love to you all

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Kara Janelle, Plus Size Blogging Mama. Vintage Lover, Interiors Obsessed, Chair Crazed, Collector of Much remembering to Smile as it is the 2nd best thing you can do with your mouth.