What To Put In Our Car ?

What a weekend, finding out Grayson’s new school trousers were way too big, emergency shopping trip. Then up to London for a lovely day to Hamley’s. The day was going nicely until we got stuck in traffic and eek the clutch went on the car. Major smells, car burning and stuck in the centre of London. I was lucky as Mr Innocent Charmer is super handy and calm in situations like this, he temporarily fixed it and we got on our way enough to get car sorted at garage this week.

But I realised if I had been on my own I could have been waiting a long time for my recovery to come and with 3 small kids in the car I am not very well equipped, Ash and I started chatting about how our grandparents always had a box of emergency needs in the car.

I never forget my Nana buying me some things when I got my first car, she would also insist you kept a £5 note hidden for emergency petrol etc (although it wouldn’t get you far nowadays).

So I have decided not only have we got to find a way to buy a new car that doesn’t collapse every 10 minutes but I want to put an emergency kit together, I have started making a list, but do you have any suggestions as to what I should put in it to make sure I would not leave anything to chance if I was alone with 3 kids.

travelling with small children

At least I can try and be prepared for the many miles I do alone with the children, if I had my way I would carry everything including the kitchen sink, I don’t think you can ever be too prepared but that maybe my Brownie/Girl Guide side coming out.

I would love to find out how you stay prepared when out and about or you are travelling some miles with your children.


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