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Where Grayson Goes...

So a couple of weeks ago my Popsy and Granny asked if we would like to go to a farm to see the animals. I am not usually to fussed about animals as they don’t look like Mickey Mouse or the Zing Zillas, but I know my little sister Addy is animal crazy. I had been wanting to practice my walking skills so I agreed to go.

Mummy and Daddy were very pleased when we pulled up to see nice big parking spaces for kids like me (blue badge holders) right outside the front door. The ground was a bit bumpy but nothing my wheelchair couldn’t handle.

The Rare Breeds Farm is a charity, we like to help charities and Popsy said it was a really good price for us to all get in, a lot cheaper than the Zoo.

There were nice Pushchair slides for me to get into the farm and the roads were not bumpy at all inside, nice, smooth and wide enough that Mummy couldn’t bang me into things with her bad driving skills (women drivers).

where grayson goes

As you walk in there is a really big play area, it even had some nice flat for grass for me to practice my walking on, we didn’t stop there straight away as we wanted to go and see the lambs up ahead. I could get right up to give them a stroke but I was not all to bothered as I was a little sleepy as it was nice and quiet at Rare Breeds.

where grayson goes

As I had a quick nap in my pushchair, my sidekick sister went on to the next play area, she was very excited as it had loads of really big toys, there was a tunnel maze that even my old Uncle Max could fit in and not get stuck (so next time I am so getting Daddy to take me), a zip line that my baby brother Deacon went on, one of my favourite things in the world, a nice big net swing and a huge Fort/Castle.

where grayson goes

My Mom said if they just updated the grass ramp up to the Fort I could have gone in there in my wheelchair but Daddy said with his strong muscles he would have had me looking out of the top.

We carried on seeing some more farm animals, all of them I could go up and see. We then came to this dark swamp where I could play music. I do love to play music as I do it at school, Mummy and I played music to everyone as they walked past and then I sung at the top of my voice, Mummy said I did not have to be quiet at all as Rare Breeds liked my singing.

where grayson goes

Popsy took me out of my wheelchair and carried me through the ghost swamp, it was dark and there were lots of things to try climbing, but Mummy didn’t want me getting muddy in my new trousers – MUM!

I thought I would try out the nice smooth walkways and practice my walking skills, they were pretty good for my unsteady legs, it was nice and easy to walk on and I even got to let go of Daddy’s hands and walk on my own.

where grayson goes

Everyone including me was a little hungry so we went back to the 1st play area to have a picnic, there was lots of space for me to enjoy my chocolate spread sandwiches whilst catching up with a little Mickey Mouse on my iPad. My sidekicks got to sit on a nice blanket whilst the oldies had some picnic tables as they always saying their backs hurt.

where grayson goes

Popsy then treated me to swinging time, they had lots of swings there, some big kid swings and then some perfect for Addison and I, I giggled away as Popsy pushed me very high. There were lots of things for me to enjoy in this play area, a roundabout where I can go on in my wheelchair and a sandbox (which I like to eat- ssh).

Popsy and I then practiced some more of my walking down by the animal pens, I was really showing off my skills and everyone was enjoying seeing me have fun, I then saw the goats, I really liked them so I decided to put my hand through the fence and give them a stroke.

rare breeds

The best thing about Rare Breeds is it is nice and quiet, it didn’t get me upset at all and I had real fun, they get a lot of the animals out for you to sit and stroke, I sat with the biggest Bunny and he let me stroke him, Addison stroked so many animals (as I said animal crazy).

where grayson goes

After seeing all the animals before we went home we went to their big play area inside, it is one of the biggest I have ever seen, I was very excited as I don’t always get to go in these, but as it was so big Popsy felt a little crazy and decided to climb and take me in it. This was brilliant and I had so much fun, I practiced climbing and bouncing.

where grayson goes

Here is Mummy’s top points…

disabled children days out

Rare Breeds was the most fun I have had in ages, I really enjoyed going there with my family, I smiled most of the day, I love how my Crazy Popsy came in the soft play with me, I loved getting to walk around and sing.

We want to award Rare Breeds with 4 out of 5 G’s but we are also going to give them 2 Super G’s.

Rare Breeds Score

If you head to Rare Breeds please show us pictures so we can see you have fun, come back to find out about more places that I shall go.

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