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Where Grayson Goes...

In August Mummy and I watched as 2 Superheroes called Aunty Kirsty and Clara climbed a very big mountain, Mummy says they did it to raise money to buy me special things I need to be awesome. I think they are pretty awesome, Mummy and I couldn’t get to be with them when they climbed the big mountain called Snowdon, we were very sad.

Then one day when I got home from school Mummy was excited as Travelodge had sent a message and asked if they could help us with a room to go and visit Aunty Kirsty and Clara down where they live in Bournemouth.

Travelodge Bournemouth Seafront

So the sidekicks, Mummy, Daddo and I took the 4 hour drive, the sidekicks and I were good and slept most of the way, so when we arrived at the Travelodge Bournemouth Seafront we were very excited to bounce on the beds.

Daddo parked the car right outside the main door as they had one of my special parking spaces, always helps so Daddo doesn’t have to carry me to far.

We met a really nice lady at a desk called Joanna, I chatted a lot to her very loudly, most people tell me to be quiet but she smiled and chatted to me and my chatty little sidekick Addy, even showing Addy leaflets of exciting places we could go visit whilst here.

She asked if Mummy and Daddy wanted help with the many bags we like to bring, which Daddo said no to as he is super strong, but in the lift (which there are 2 of) I heard Mummy say that this was very kind and how nice that lady was, I agreed.

Travelodge gave us 2 large rooms as the family rooms were full, I was quite excited about this as it meant Daddo and I would have our own boys only room.

Bournemouth Hotel with comfy beds

I straight away got to testing the really big bed, it was very bouncy, with lots of pillows, Daddo and I would be very comfy. I love to watch TV and I was pleased to see I could lie in bed and watch it, but Addison was busy watching something on cBeebies so Daddo set my iPad up for me and I got very comfy.

Our rooms could see the sea, which was really nice and the sidekicks and I looked and got very excited whilst Mummy and Daddo enjoyed a cup of tea using stuff provided by Travelodge.

There was plenty of room for me to test out my walking skills in our room, with nothing dangerous for Deacon or I to menace with (which pleased Mummy).

Seaview Hotel Bournemouth

After a visit to the beach for dinner, we got ready for bed, we couldn’t have a bath as not all rooms have baths (Mummy says make sure you request one as they are available) but I was quite pleased as I rather watch some Mickey before bed. We all slept really well, the bed is much more comfy than mine and Joanna the nice lady got me an extra squishy pillow to cuddle, told you she was nice.

Mummy was pleased how quiet the hotel was as all of us got a really good night sleep, after we got ready we went down to the restaurant to have breakfast.

I had some very scrummy toast, actually I was really greedy and had 2 bits, one with yummy Chocolate on. My sidekicks are picky eaters, but all of us found something to have for breakfast, ssh Daddo had 3 plates worth.

Travelodge Breakfast

The restaurant was open all day, it was great as there was room for Daddo to bring my super large wheels right up to the table and as the whole hotel has disabled access Daddo could wheel me right up to the bedroom.

As Mummy and Daddo needed to stay with us in the room they were pleased that the restaurant downstairs allows you to order and take food up to your rooms, so they enjoyed dinner by bathroom light as we all slept off our busy trip to Moors Valley Park where I met my Superheroes.

Travelodge Review

I really loved staying with Travelodge, I love a nice, super comfy bed and they really have those. It was great that the Beach was just down the hill and there was so much for the sidekicks and I to do, I have told Mummy I want to go back.

Here are Mummy’s Top Points….

Review for special needs

I really had the best time in Bournemouth, I have lots of thanks for Travelodge sending me to see my Superheroes and getting to give them cuddles. Mummy and Daddo are looking where to take us next and checking they have a Travelodge.


We want to award Travelodge 4 out of 5 G’s and also 2 Super G’s.

Travelodge Review

If you head to a Travelodge do come and tell us how you got on and don’t forget to keep coming back and seeing how my Superstar Grayson gets on visiting other exciting places.

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Disclosure – We were gifted our rooms from Travelodge but the review was done of our own accord.

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