>Winners Have been choosen

>But I forgot to bring in pictures to work to show you who won, oops.
So will show you that tomorrow, sorry its been a bit quiet around here but my cold has turned to a virus and frankly I just didn’t feel up to anything, had a day off work yesterday but back today so hence a quickie post.
Just thought I would show you a couple of pieces I made last week, I have been really busy making over the past week as my first Xmas fair is on Saturday and this week 2 other people have asked me to there events so that’s a total of 5 before the end of November, I haven’t taken any pictures of the new pieces as light has been bad here in the South of England, so depending on whether they sell or not at the weekend depends if I will be putting them in my Etsy store next week.
I am loving some of the pieces they are quite ordinary but some nice colour combos.
These pieces are some very simple gemstone chip necklaces, I thought I better make a slightly cheaper line. What do you think ?

Oh on another excited note look at these pictures, this is my new toy, I am going to start Stamping Jewellery with words, letters and phrases so if you have any you would like me to try let me know, I am so excited about this, only problem is the only supplies I can get come from a company in America whose postage is a little high and took over 2 weeks to get here. So if you know anyone please pass forward.

Thanks for all the wonder full entries into the Bracelet giveaway, it was great to get some new websites to look at, I am playing 3 more giveaways before the end of the year, including a bigger one for my Birthday giveaway in December.

Well there is enough rambling for one day, oh before I forget if you are a lover of Shabby Chic be happy cause my dear friend Shannon of Paint Mine Pink has just opened an Etsy store to sell her beauties, please go and take a look, I bet you will want everything just like I do.

Thanks for all the good wishes for getting better xx

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