Wow Addison You Are 2!


Dear Addy-Wads

I can’t believe 2 years ago you were not even here, that concept feels odd, you have filled our family so much that the idea of you not being there seems alien.

You bring so much joy to us all that I don’t want to imagine a time you weren’t in our lives.

Today is your 2nd Birthday, there were times I thought we would never get here,you are by no means the easiest child to care for, you are incredibly Strong Willed, but at the same time to this being a negative, I also find it a positive. I want you to exude confidence, I want you to be everything I could not be, I want you to be strong and independent and at the moment you show all these qualities.

You have changed so much these past 2 months, you have a new yearn for life, you want to play with everything, even things you shouldn’t, you have so many words now I have lost count, I remember being so panicked that you were behind with your talking, I should never have worried, you now say more than most children double your age, the funniest thing is the accents, you have accents for certain words, it’s the cutest but strangest thing.

Most parents tire of their children talking over and over, I on the other hand would have you talk 24/7 if I had my way, I love to hear your beautiful voice after waiting for so long to hear my babies.

My favourite words that you say at the moment

  • Water
  • It’s Nice
  • Squeeze
  • Mummy
  • Grayson
  • Uncle Max

and so many more. Funnily the words you say so clearly is every character from In The Night Garden. It is very sweet.

You are very kind and caring, you always care for Grayson in a way I am not sure a 2-year-old should understand, I am sure you know already he is different but apart from the occasional time I know this does not bother you, well apart from when he takes your toys and then you shout “It’s Mine”.

I love your “squeezes” – I am not sure when cuddles turned to squeezes, but they are the best squeezes in the world, you have the grip of a strong bear, you always have been my little muscles, but they feel like you want us to hug for ever and that is the best feeling any Mummy could ask for.

I love you Addison, I wish I could make your life perfect, you deserve perfection and Mummy will do everything in her power to make this possible for you, do I spoil you – yes! But that is my choice as your Mama. Happy 2nd Birthday my Pinkle, this weekend has been fun.






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