>Wow I have alot to tell you guys….

>Lets see where should I start, well those of you who are regulars to my Blog, well I hope there are some, will notice that I have made a few changes, I have become addicted to the world of Bloging and am finding incredibly talented people everyday online, so bit by bit I will add their sites to my list (hope you guys don’t mind) please take a look at them cause there stuff is out of this world, very inspirational.
Also you will notice I have added a visitor counter in the hope I can see people from all around the world would like to read my blog, cool isn’t it.

What else well thank god its the begining of a 4 day weekend here in England and I need the break I am sooo tired and we are moving next week, so need to start some packing LOL, also I am addicted to Swaping and ATC’s at the Mo so every second I want to make some. Will show you some more at the weekend.

Heres my Swap I will be sending to a wonderful lady called Jackie in the US, I hope she likes it, as I am new to this not really sure how much you should put in.

Also yesterday I finally got to go to Ikea, oh I love Ikea, I love seeing rooms all set out I have always been very interested in Interior Design and always spent alot of money on old and new items for my homes, got some great retro fabric to make a handbag when I get the sewing machine out.

Here is Ash in one of the Models, he is soo handsome.

And to top this all off I ordered my new Camera at last so will be able to get better piccy’s of my work soon. Camera’s have never been very important to me, but over the last couple of months I have enjoyed taking Photo’s so treated myself to this new Olympus.

Well I better stop rambling, hope everyone is ok, I would love to hear from some people reading my Blog and your Opnions.

Have a nice night/morning.

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