Yoo Moo Frozen Yoghurt Review

Now both the Hubby and I have a very naughty sweet tooth and to prove it we have very huge growing waistlines, so when I had an email from YooMoo asking me to review their Frozen Yoghurts at home range, I jumped for joy.

How it All Began

Yoomoo was founded by close friends Amanda and Sam, who became addicted to the delights of fro-yo following a glamorous trip to LA. After a joint epiphany, they decided to bring the healthy, fabulous concept back to the UK, but with a British twist!

3 years later, the frozen yogurt moovement has really taken off in the UK, and we’re driving the tractor.

Yoo Moo started with Yoghurt Bars and currently have bars all across the country, since trying these I have found our closest to be just over 45 minutes away and I am so excited to go try.

So back to what we are reviewing, Yoomoo and R&R Ice Cream Ltd have formed a partnership to launch the innovative ‘‘fro yo’’ retail range.  The 150ml pots and 750ml tubs are available in all major supermarkets across the UK.

There are currently 7 flavours on the market, I managed to pick up 2 of the mini pots for us to try, Strawbswirlmoo and Devilmoo, both have 2 frozen yoghurt flavours swirled together with sauce and a topping.

Firstly I loved the packaging, not only super cute graphics, they are also very clear in what is in the pot as well as its calorie and fat content, very important when trying to watch the waistline.

My husband was particularly impressed with the cute little quips on the seals of each pot, Devilmoo – Devilmoo is addicted to chocolate & loves base jumping.

Both flavours we tried were delicious,  I have tried Frozen Yoghurts before from another well-known brand so I knew the concept, these were lower in calories though, so I thought are these really going to give us the taste of Ice Cream but for such little calories? Well they did, actually I am not going to lie I actually PREFER them to Ice Cream, the taste leaves less of a film in your mouth and all round it’s a smoother taste.

The taste is so sweet and really fills a dessert void, I could happily eat this instead of a Chocolate bar, for me half a pot is enough but my hubby managed to finish off the whole DevilMoo pot saying it was far to moorish not to. What also makes my tummy happy is to know they are made of 70% Natural British yoghurt and VERY LOW IN FAT.

So I shall next week be on the search to try some of the other flavours, I am especially excited about buying the Naked Big Pot (flavour free) so I can try making up some special treats, with real fruits/sauces and even maybe some chocolate. You can even head to Instamoo and get some inspiration.

The Home Range is currently available at Asda, Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s and more, for £1.79 for the 150ml pot and £3.49 for  the 750ml pot, they may not be the cheapest product but certainly worth it, especially in comparison to other products for dieting.

Disclosure – I was sent a voucher to try the YooMoo Fro Yo Pots for purpose of review, the review is 100% honest and our own opinions.


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