10 Things That Make Me Happy

I am a very strong believer that if you think happy it will help you to be happy.

It has been hard this past 18 months, so when Sabina of Mummy Matters tagged me to share 10 reasons to be happy I thought YES!

My Family of 5

There is no point in denying it. It is hard, it’s not always happy & rosy but they are what keep me going. Watching the kids play in silly little voices, Grayson gently tickling his own toes, how Ashley can calm me with just a strong cuddle. Our adventures together, simple days out just laughing and making memories.


That little family of 5 of mine make an awful lot of noise, our home is rarely quiet. So maybe that is why now more than ever I love peace. As a teen, I lived in the middle of the country and would go lay under the trees and listen to nature. Now I lay there at 3/4am and listen to the animals in the zoo down the road, or in the morning just before I get in the shower I hear the birds through the window. It always makes my heart flutter.


I’ve always been the same if I am making something I am smiling. It is not something I get to do as often as I should but with the help of my #100DaysofICCCreating, I am getting there. Be it food, jewellery, art or home projects.

Being Pampered

It doesn’t happen all too often anymore but I really love being pampered. Massages, Manicure, Pedicure, a facial. It’s all makes me feel at peace and happy.

Candles, Flowers and Reading a Book

Especially altogether. All feel like little luxuries now as a Mama, but they are simple things I have enjoyed my entire adult life. Fresh flowers scenting a room, a candle producing an entrancing warm light and the knowledge or escapism a book can offer.

Spring and Autumn

And everything they bring with them. Longer days, the sunshine but not too hot, changing environment, the colours around, the golden leaves in Autumn and the pink blossoms in the Spring.

I am generally just happier the second I step out the door in both these seasons.


Yep, I am a total sucker for an inspirational quote. I can not tell you how many I have around my home. Some I printed myself, some I bought, some are cards that I have seen and shouted yes in a shop so then had to buy.

They make me happy and in turn, daily I send out little ones to my friends to make them happy (well hopefully), they may just be like “not another one”.


Alone Time With Ashley

Ashley and I have always been one of those couples who love each other’s company, we love to sit and people watch together, shop, walk, eat dinner. Having children has just made that even more precious and the occasional times we do get just the two of us are still some of my happiest.

Making People Smile

Cliche maybe? But it is who I am. I spend my days trying to make people in real life and online smile. Be it a little message, helping where I can, an unexpected gift.

I have taught the kids these past few months that just sharing a smile with someone in the street can make that person’s day, they have loved seeing the effects.


Doesn’t matter if inside or out, at the beach, woods or in the back garden. There is nothing better than sitting on that blanket, eating small food and relaxing. Hence why I have a whole section on my blog dedicated to them.

Fancy joining in, there is nothing better for the soul than making a list to remind you of how many things make you happy. I am going to ask the very beautiful Kate of Life Daily to take part and anyone else who fancies it. Leave me your links below.

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