Making Copper Art From Mrs Emily Clark

Let’s EAT!

Since we moved in August I have been getting creative (or at least trying to). One of my first projects was a sign for our kitchen.
I love copper and had seen something similar online, so I set to work.
I bought the EAT letters from Amazon. They are also available in Hobbycraft and I have since seen them in Tesco’s too. I also then ordered copper spray from Amazon.
I decided to use Rustoleum as I wanted a bright copper but there are many different ones on the market.

I started by spraying the letters copper. Always do this outside for ventilation. A few thin layers is a good. I found it goes on well and dries quickly.

Top Tip – I have some old sheets I keep for projects so always put those down to protect the floor.

Copper Letter Artwork

Then I needed pennies and lots of them. Oh and superglue! I started by wanting just lovely shiny pennies but actually any pennies will do. It’s good to lay them out on top of the letters first so you can see where they need to go. Then just get glueing, but please mind your fingers with the superglue!!!!

Copper Artwork

Once I had covered all of the letters with pennies I sprayed over it again with copper. This covered all the pennies and made them all look brilliant, so it doesn’t matter if some of the coins aren’t perfect. I attached our to the wall with some thin strips of Velcro.

DIY Copper Sign

I love it and love that I made it too! Everyone comments on how detailed it looks but honestly it was so easy to do.

Why not try to do something original for your home!

Thank you for reading and have fun being creative.

Emily x

Thanks Emily I love this sign and always love seeing it in her Instagram pictures. I think I may have to give something similar a go after seeing how simple this was.

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